Thursday, March 10, 2011

Amelia Casablanca Wedding Gown in a Basement Flood

One of the most important pieces of advice we give our brides as they pick up their wedding gowns is to keep your wedding gown in a room you'd live in, not in an attic or basement. This Amelia Casablanca wedding gown came to us to be cleaned after it had been in a basement flood. The (now married) bride brought us the gown over a year after the flood with mold and mildew growing on her precious silk Amelia Casablanca one of a kind wedding gown. I outlined the mold in the before picture with a thin black line. 
This second picture is of the rear hemline of the wedding gown. Mold is difficult to clean out of normal garments - it was extremely difficult to clean out of this silk, one of a kind Amelia Casablanca wedding gown.
The inside was far worse than anything on the outside. Unfortunately there was no way of removing the petticoat from the rest of the dress as the pure size of the gown made the gown difficult to clean. The beads on the bodice of this wedding dress made traditional dry cleaning impossible (plus, mold isn't removed with traditional dry cleaning). We had to remove all of the flowers and hoops from the gown before we could clean it and then replaced them afterwards. We utilized a series of controlled baths and hand cleaning to (very slowly) clean the mold off of this priceless Amelia Casablanca wedding gown. 
Here is the finished product. In person, the dress looks flawless and you can't see any traces of the mold. Note that the bodice is transparent in spots and the color difference is caused by the background of the picture. This Amelia Casablanca wedding gown is too large to fit through the doorway of our normal photo booth so we had to make due in our wedding gown cleaning and assembly rooms. 

Cleaning Your Wedding Dress
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