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7 Reasons to Preserve a Wedding Dress

Reasons to Preserve Your Wedding Dress
There are one million reasons to preserve a wedding dress. Your daughter may want to get married in it, or use the fabric to create her own. Here are 7 reasons.

The perfect wedding dress is hard to come by, and you may try tens of them before finding the right one. However, when you first try on the dress you finally wear at your wedding, you just know it was made for you.

Whether you're planning your wedding or are just recently wed, you know that you will want to protect that wedding dress for a long time.

For some brides, their wedding dress stays in their closet forever. For others, it is a family tradition to pass it down. Either way, you will want it to be in perfect condition after your wedding.

Preserving a wedding dress is a long-term investment that pays off big time in the end. No matter what your future plans for it may be, here are 7 reasons to preserve a wedding dress.

1. To Prevent Further Damage By Stains

While you may be very careful to preserve your wedding dress before and during the wedding ceremony, protecting your dress all night is a challenge. Between all of the eating, drinking, and dancing that goes on, it's almost impossible for you to save your wedding dress from all stains.

Unfortunately, these stains may end up hurting your dress in the long term. Wedding dress fabrics were not made to be stained, and these stains can weather down your fabric and make it easier to tear.

Preserving your dress can help you avoid that moment where you open up your dress again only to find that the stains from your wedding night ate pieces of the fabric.

2. To Prevent Fabric Damage Upon Storage

When they are done with their dress, most brides store away their gown in the back of their closet. Unfortunately, this method of storage can leave dresses vulnerable to water/moisture, curious children, or any other elements within your home.

To keep your dress in top condition long-term, you will want to look into how to preserve a wedding dress. Preservation companies will leave your dress in a storage space that will keep your dress looking as good as new.

3. To Pass On Your Wedding Dress

If you hope to one day be able to pass on your beautiful wedding dress to your little girl, wedding dress preservation is a must. This will allow you to make sure that your dress is in top condition for an extended period of time, up until your daughter is ready to walk down the aisle.

Even if your daughter may not want to use a vintage wedding dress, you could still pass it down your daughter-in-law, niece, or even granddaughter. Therefore, making the decision to preserve a wedding dress is a must.

4. Increase the Value of Your Dress

Whether resale is in your plans for your wedding dress or not, it is always a good idea to increase the value of your possessions. For that same reason, you should look into wedding dress preservation, as a gown's value will have its value increased with dress preservation.

Having a dress with a higher value is also important in case you need to sell it in a pinch. Whether the dress is taking up unnecessary space or your family's financial situation merits resale, you can be confident knowing that you increased your dress' value with the simple step of preservation.

5. The Ability to Loan Out Your Dress

It is impossible to predict when a bride may need a substitution dress on her wedding day. There are many cases where a dress has been torn or stained on the day of a wedding, and a new dress was needed in a pinch.

If that ever happens to a friend or family member, preservation of your own wedding dress will provide a certain "backup", and you will be a hero to the bride and groom. Loaning out a wedding dress in a pinch is a very common and admirable deed, and having a preserved dress allows you to do just that.

6. Create a Living Memory

While the memories of your wedding night may never leave you and the stories you tell will last a lifetime, having a living memory of your wedding night is a sweet thing to call yours.

By preserving your dress, you will be able to feel your wedding dress and remember what it was like to wear it. You will have a tangible item to connect you back to that day, and it will be in the perfect state that it was in when you wore it.

7. Avoid Any Regrets

No one can predict the future, but one thing you can do is protect the past. Taking steps to preserve a wedding dress will leave you with one less worry in the long term. In the future, you may wonder why you didn't take better care of your dress when your daughter is asking to use it.

Be sure to avoid any regrets that not preserving your dress may bring. Whether it's because of resale, loaning, or passing it on, you never want to find yourself wishing you had taken action all those years ago.

Do You Need to Preserve a Wedding Dress?

Whether you're recently married or about to get married, it's never a bad time to consider preserving your wedding dress. Wedding dress preservation is becoming a more popular option for brides across the country and is a great decision to make when thinking about the future.

If you're in need of wedding dress preservation, be sure to find professionals who will take the very best care of your dress. Click here to find out more about wedding dress preservation and how we can help you take care of that lovely gown.

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8 Tips on How to Find Reliable Local Dry Cleaning

Are you looking for a local dry cleaning company that you can trust with your most precious garments? Here's how to find a dry cleaner who you can count on.

Are you trying to find the best local dry cleaning services for your wardrobe?

With so many dry cleaning options out there, it can be difficult to identify the perfect one to entrust with your precious garments.

If you're new to the world of dry cleaning, you may just not know where to begin or what to look for in reliable dry cleaning services.

Luckily, there are ways to ensure you're taking your clothes to the best place in town.

Read on to learn more about our tips for finding the dry cleaning services of your dreams!

1. Ask for Local Recommendations

One of the best ways to gather names of reputable local dry cleaning services is to ask around. You can start by asking friends and family members for their recommendations.

It's also important to check in with local businesses about their dry cleaning recommendations. If you are a frequent visitor to a local consignment shop, for example, ask the business owner about her dry cleaning referrals.

This goes for any clothing shop in town, particularly if it is a local one. Smaller and local businesses are more likely to have a solid presence in your community and insider's knowledge on the best place to take your clothing for special cleaning.

2. Steer Away From Franchises

This goes without saying. Cleaning franchises have locations across the nation, and while they may be everywhere, they may not be reliable.

This is because franchises of any kind are all about convenience, processing huge amounts of goods in a short amount of time, and getting customers in the door. They may not prioritize your unique experience, engaging with your local community, and natural cleaning processes.

Avoid franchises as you're looking for local dry cleaning services. Even if they offer you what seems to be a good deal or a book of coupons, pass it up. You won't want to entrust your precious garments to their care.

3. Inspect Online Reviews and Testimonials

This is one of the best ways to identify your best local dry cleaning services. There are so many opportunities to share reviews and ratings for local businesses these days, so make sure you get the online scoop before you jump.

Check out sites like Google or Facebook for reviews. Always make sure you pay attention to the most recent reviews, as sometimes stores can change over the years. The more recent the review, the more relevant it will be.

Many local dry cleaners will also have customer reviews or testimonials on their website. Make sure you read through these in addition to your Google scouting to see what the word on the street is.

Look for places that have a high number of reviews. This means that the dry cleaner is drawing in a lot of local customers. Naturally, look for places with the highest number of 5-star reviews.

4. Look for Experience

If you're looking for a dry cleaner who is reliable, look for one that's been around for a while. We're not talking just a year or a handful of months!

Browse the dry cleaner's website to see if you can identify when they got started. The dates of reviews in online testimonials can also give you a big clue as to how much experience the dry cleaner has.

Experience can be measured in other ways, too. If the dry cleaner hasn't been that local for that long, see if they've been anywhere else. Some cleaners will operate for a decade in one town and then move to another, for example.

If you aren't sure about the local dry cleaner's experience, give them a call and ask.

5. Check Out Websites and Online Activity

The best local dry cleaning services will have a solid website and be active across multiple digital platforms.

Start by checking out the cleaner's website. Look for the services that they offer, and prioritize websites that list a variety of services that don't just include household garments. Look for cleaners that offer wedding gown and formal attire cleaning in addition to other specialty cleaning services.

Make sure the website appears up to date and has accurate contact information. Check out the cleaner's blog if one exists, as well as any media attention.

Also inspect social media accounts, if possible. A dry cleaner that has a solid website and is active on social media indicates one that cares about its customers. They will prioritize engagement and community.

6. Ask About the Dry Cleaning Process

Another way to ensure that you're getting reliable dry cleaning services is to check in with the dry cleaner about the processes they use to clean your garments.

Investigate the cleaner's website or call the shop so that you can get a good sense of how specifically they will handle your clothing.

Be wary of any cleaners who advertise super fast cleaning or "organic cleaning" as this isn't a real thing. This may indicate that they don't take the care or time to make sure your garments are clean and immaculate.

7. Do a Test Run

If you've found a dry cleaning service that seems to be stellar, do a trial run! Take in one garment for cleaning service and see if you like the result.

If you like the result, awesome! Take the rest of your clothing in for service with confidence.

8. Talk to a Real Person

Lastly, the best way to ensure you've found the best local dry cleaning is to talk to a representative. Either go to the store and talk to the staff in person or get someone on the phone so that you can ask questions about the service they provide.

At Janet Davis Cleaners, for example, we are always here for you. Give us a call or contact us through our website with your dry cleaning questions today.

Finding the Best Local Dry Cleaning

Your clothing requires proper care and attention. When researching dry cleaning services in your area, take your time and do your research well.

Browse online reviews and directories, or ask for local recommendations from small business owners. Do a test run with one garment to see if you like the services, and make sure you know what process the cleaner uses to keep your clothing sparkling.

At Janet Davis Cleaners, you can rest assured that you're taking your clothing to the best local cleaners in Berkley and Bloomfield. Learn more about the services we offer today!

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10 Questions To Ask Before Taking Your Dress To A Royal Oak Dry Cleaner

Taking Your Dress To A Royal Oak Dry Cleaner

Do you have a wedding dress that you need cleaned before your big day? Read here for 10 questions to ask before taking your dress to a Royal Oak dry cleaner!

Getting married is one of the biggest events of anyone's life. That perfect ceremony and memorable reception are great parts of any wedding. But the main star (after the bride & groom, of of course) is the dazzling wedding dress.

We all want to do whatever it takes to keep ourselves from being a part of a wedding disaster. Sadly, accidents happen. When something is spilled on your beautiful picture-perfect wedding dress, it can feel like the end of the world. The wedding is ruined.

Not all is lost. A Royal Oak dry cleaner can be just what you need to get your wedding dress back to its pristine and gorgeous condition.

However, to make sure you are getting the best service for your precious dress, there are a few things you should ask beforehand.

1. Does this Dry Cleaner Specialize in Wedding Dresses?

The first thing to ask yourself is if the Royal Oak dry cleaner is capable of properly handling your wedding dress or not. There are a lot of different dry cleaners in the market, but not all of them have the experience to handle something as delicate and precious as a wedding dress.

Before handing it over, make sure to find out exactly how qualified your chosen dry cleaners is. If they aren't equipped to handle the dress, then go find someone who can.

2. How Long Has this Cleaner Been In Business?

It's possible that newly opened dry cleaners can have the correct experience and expertise to handle a wedding dress. But why take that chance?

Your wedding dress is far too important to be put into inexperienced hands. Make certain to find out about the dry cleaner and their business before you decide which one you want to choose.

3. What is the Price for the Service?

The cleaning service can be an investment, depending on which Royal Oak dry cleaner you choose. With a wedding just around the corner, you might not have the luxury of finding big deals.

When this is the case, make certain to ask your dry cleaner about their pricing. Some will ask for a fixed price, but others will charge more depending on the type of material and intricate detailing of the dress design. It's good to know beforehand so that you won't have any more surprises to deal with on your big day.

4. Will the Cleaner Separate the Dress from Other Clothing?

Often made of delicate fabrics decorated with beading and lace, wedding dresses can be very fragile. This is why you should ask to make sure the Royal Oak dry cleaner will keep your wedding dress separated from other clothing during the cleaning process.

This separation will play a part in keeping your dress safe from any unnecessary damages while it is being cleaned.

5. Does the Cleaner Offer a Guarantee or Insurance?

Even with the most professional and experience Royal Oak dry cleaner, there are still times when the most careful hands can mess something up. In this case, you'll want to have some kind of guarantee or insurance that the dry cleaner can offer you before they begin the cleaning process.

This way, if something terrible does happen, you'll at least have some sort of safety net to help you either fix the dress or find yourself a new one.

6. Which Cleaning Agents Will Be Used?

Before allowing anyone to handle your beautiful wedding dress with soaps and other cleaning agents, do a little bit of research beforehand. Find out the kinds of processes this Royal Oak dry cleaner will use and see if it works well for the materials that make up your dress.

If the dry cleaner you choose favors a process that would completely ruin your wedding dress, you'd best find someplace else that will use a gentler cleaning detergent.

7. What Kind of Experience Have Other People Had With this Cleaner?

Reading reviews is a great way to find out information about any establishment. This is completely true with dry cleaners as well.

While trying to find the best Royal Oak dry cleaner, take a look at any reviews that other people have left. This will give you a clear idea as to what you can expect in your interactions with the cleaner.

8. Is There a Portfolio Showing The Cleaners Past Work?

Great cleaners will have a portfolio of some sort to show their clients all of their previous work. Especially when it comes to big-ticket items such as wedding dresses.

A good way to find out if you'll be satisfied with the services this cleaner can give you is by taking a look at their portfolio. If they don't have a portfolio, ask them why they don't have one available. If you're not happy with their answer, go find a cleaner who makes you feel much more at ease.

9. How Will the Cleaner Keep the Dress Safe?

Ask your Royal Oak dry cleaner about all of the steps they'll take to keep your wedding dress safe. They should be able to tell you without any hesitation what they plan to do.

If you're wanting to preserve your dress, ask about that as well. Make sure to find out about the dress storage and if it works well with any weather or humidity changes. Your dress is important, don't leave any stone unturned!

10. Has the Cleaner Stayed Up-to-Date With Current Wedding Fabric Trends?

The latest wedding fashion trends are constantly changing. What was "in" one year is "out" the next. With these changing trends comes different fabrics and materials.

A good dry cleaner should always stay on top of these kinds of changes. They should know how to safely work with these fabrics, no matter how new they are.

A Royal Oak Dry Cleaner Can Make Your Wedding Dress Beautiful Again

It can be a little scary to hand over your wedding dress to a dry cleaner, wondering if it will ever be the same again. However, if you've done your research and you've had satisfactory answers to the questions above, then there's nothing to worry about.

Your dress will come back to you looking better than ever. And your wedding will go to plan just as you've always envisioned it, with you and your wedding dress the stars of the ceremony.

If you're in need of some dry cleaning services, get into contact with us today!

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Why You Should Consider Wedding Dress Restoration and Preservation

Wedding Dress Preservation
Do you have a vintage gown that belonged to a family member? Maybe it's your own gown. Either way, wedding dress restoration can restore that treasured item.

Everyone looks forward to saying "yes to the dress" on their wedding day.

As one of the most cherished and important pieces of a wedding, the dress takes center stage on the days leading up to your event. The search can last for days, weeks, and even months.

Finding the perfect wedding dress is like finding the Holy Grail.

However, many of us aren't inspired by new wedding dresses. We want to find something unique and with a creative edge that highlights our style and individualism.

What we need is the perfect "lightly loved" vintage gown to fit our perfect wedding dress vision.

Using wedding dress restoration, we can wow our guests on the big day with something old made new.

Read on to find out how.

Ways to Wow With A Wedding Dress Restoration

Vintage wedding dresses, generational dresses, previously worn dresses, and homemade dresses are gaining a well-respected edge in the wedding world.

These dresses not only offer a unique take on the wedding dress, but many of these gowns offer sentimental value that is absolutely priceless.

These "once-worn", "pre-owned", or "lightly loved" dresses can help you both find a perfect look and keep on budget.

All they need is a little TLC and some restoration.

What Exactly Is Wedding Dress Restoration?

It's exactly as the name implies -- a way to restore the color, vibrancy, look, and feel of a previously worn dress. In short, it's a way to make your dress feel and look new again.

A wedding can put some serious wear and tear on a dress. Walking, dancing, partying, and dining can all wreak havoc on a dress. Sadly, though, we can't just throw the dress in the wash with some OxiClean and hope for the best.

Finding a company that offers restoration can help eliminate any unwanted stains or discolorations that your perfect dress may have.

Using an intricate cleaning system, colors can be restored from yellow to the white or antique white that the dress once was.

Why Should I Restore My Dress?

While searching for the perfect vintage dress, sometimes we come across 'the one' wedding dress that just feels right. However, we may be deterred due to the faded or dingy looking color.

There are all kinds of reasons to chose a vintage dress. Using wedding dress restoration can be the answer to bringing these dresses back to their original beauty and glory.

Style Or Theme

Many brides are deciding to theme their weddings. From decade themes to lifestyle and holiday themes, the wedding plans tend to revolve around the wedding dress.

For example, if you want to have an old-West themed wedding, chances are that you won't be able to find the look that you're attempting.

You'll probably begin a search for a Western-themed vintage dress that will need a bit of fixin'.

For brides that love the reminiscent looks from the 20's and 30's to the classic looks of the 50's, 60's and 70's -- vintage wedding dresses are the best options to match these styles.

Using wedding dress restoration can allow you to find and restore the perfect vintage dress to meet your wedding day vision.

Sentimental Value

Even though we don't always want to admit this when we are growing up, our parents and grandparents may have had some pretty great style!

Not only is it fun to wear a family wedding dress, but donning a mother's or grandmother's wedding dress can become an intimate, cherished moment for your family.

Using wedding dress restoration, you can easily take the discoloration out of the dress and add another memory to the dress history.

Charity Events

Wedding dresses are not only worn for weddings. Nowadays, wedding gowns are also being worn to raise money for a good cause.

There are a growing number of charities raising money for women's health and various issues. Many of these charities are finding ways to incorporate wedding dresses into their mission to do good and help.

Various events are asking guests to wear their old wedding dresses or vintage dresses in efforts to raise money for a number of different causes. The Wear Your Dress Again party is one such example.

Gone are the days that you always need a wedding dress for just a wedding. More and more events like this are popping up in the world, giving us more reason to know of a great place to do a wedding dress restoration.

Inspire Your Daughter

Any mom of a daughter immediately thinks about the possibility of her child wearing her preserved wedding dress. Although this doesn't always happen, there is no reason that we should not be prepared if it does.

Knowing that you have the option to restore your wedding dress for your daughter, your daughter-in-law, or even a niece or good family friend is a fun thought to consider.

After wearing our dress to say 'I Do', we need to make sure to care for our gown and prepare it for storage. Being able to restore a wedding dress is far easier when it is preserved correctly.

Restore That Dress!

We are becoming more of a DIY society. Through reconditioning, upcycling, and restoration -- we love to bring old things back to life and restore their vibrancy and potential.

The same is true of wedding dresses.

Some of us want to have a wedding dress restoration to prepare our old dress for a member of our family. Some of us want to have the perfectly themed wedding or fit our individual, unique style.

Others of us want to relive our big day in our perfect wedding dress in efforts to give back to our community and others.

Regardless of the reason, wedding dress restoration is an incredible option to recreate something old and breathe new life into it. It's a process that can revitalize cherished memories.

If you decide on a wedding dress restoration, though, make sure you find a company that is reputable and knows what they are doing. One of the best places to find restoration services is with a quality dry cleaning company.

It would be a sad day if your something old accidentally became something blue.

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An Expert Dry Cleaners Advice on Keeping Clothes Clean

Expert dry cleaners know how to keep your clothes looking sharp! But did you know there are things you can be doing at home too? Read on for tips from the pros.

If you're given a year's worth of dry cleaning services, would you reject it? Of course not. Who would say no to having their favorite clothes taken care of by expert dry cleaners?

But sometimes, things happen. You get busy or when you drop off your clothes at your trusted dry cleaner, they're not open. So what do you do?

Lucky for you, we're sharing our expert advice on how to keep your clothes clean. This is for when you can't go to a dry cleaner or when you simply want to learn how to keep your best garments in tip-top condition.

Get to Know Fibers

Polyester and nylon are machine-washable. Spandex is too. Be careful not to wash with chlorine bleach as this will easily damage all materials. Whenever possible, always air dry instead of machine dry.

With cotton and linen - fibers that are prone to shrinking and fading, you want to wash these in cold water. As with polyester, nylon, and spandex, you want to air dry cotton and linen.

The trickiest fibers to wash are wool, silk, and rayon. Wool can shrink, while silk and rayon have a tendency to bleed color.

The best way to wash wool is handwashing, and sometimes by gentle machine wash. Silk clothing should also be hand washed and never machine-dried.

Learn to Hand Wash

Expert dry cleaners will tell you that even if washing machines have a hand-wash setting, there's no substitute for good old hand washing. You want to hand wash delicates, silk blouses, and wool sweaters. These items retain their color and shape better when hand washed (versus machine washed).

Of course, you should always check the garment's care label. "Dry-clean only" means exactly that and you should never wash it at home. However, if the label says "dry-clean," it just means it's the recommended method but hand washing is (usually) perfectly fine (test a small area with water first).

To wash clothing by hand, you need to choose the right detergent. If you're not sure which one to use, always go for a mild one. Next, fill the sink or a small tub with water.

Add detergent. But don't use too much. Soak the garment in the soapy water.

Use gentle movements and avoid scrubbing actions. The last step is to drain the sink or tub, refill it with clean, cool water, and rinse the garment. You may need to repeat this step until all of the soap is removed.

Practice General Care Tips

You may know how often to take clothes to the dry cleaner. But do you know how to take care of your best duds in between cleanings?

For example, do you know that you should air out suits, coats, and shoes for at least half an hour before storing them in your closet? Or that you shouldn't throw these items over a chair to avoid wrinkles?

If you do, great. Here are other care tips to remember:

  • Avoid leaving clothes near the window. Colors on your clothes can fade when exposed to prolonged sunlight or even closet light.
  • Lotions, sunscreens, and perfumes can fade or stain clothes. Use these carefully, especially during summer.
  • Never store stained or dirty clothes.
  • Avoid mildew by never hanging wet clothes in your closet.
  • Always use breathable cotton bags or even sheets instead of plastic bags to store your clothes.
  • Inform your dry cleaner about salt residues (e.g. winter street salt) on your clothes. Salt can ruin your garments during cleaning.

Machine Wash Like a Pro

At this point, you might think we just don't like washing machines. After all, we've been talking at length about the importance of hand washing certain clothing types.

Here's the thing. Us expert dry cleaners know how convenient washing machines are. But we also know how easy it is to ruin a nice sweater in the dryer or how fast machine washing can ruin a pair of dry-clean-only trousers.

It's easy to mess up. So if you have to use a machine washing, make sure you know what you're really doing. Learn all you can about washing machine cycles, water temperature, and the different types of detergent.

If you want to risk washing dry clean only clothes in a machine, put it on its slowest speed setting. And again, don't use the dryer. Always air dry to avoid exposing the garment to heat or friction.

Treat Stains the Right Way

You know that you should remove stains right away if you don't want your garment to be permanently damaged. But what if you can't get to a dry cleaner right away? Do you just leave that spot alone or do you try to fix it yourself?

Expert dry cleaners will tell you to blot it off as best as you can. And if you want to attempt stain removal, make sure you choose the right type of stain remover. When in doubt, always test a small area of the fabric first so as not to make stain bigger or worse.

If you've done the best you can with stain removal and it's still there, get it to a dry cleaner as soon as possible. Also, don't forget to tell your dry cleaner what type of stain it is. If it's from juice or wine or jam, leftover sugar crystals will caramelize and further destroy your garment. To reiterate, the best thing you can do is blot off (never rub) the excess and wait for the professionals to remove the stain.

Wrapping Up

Learning how to take care of your favorite clothes is a must if you want to make them last longer. If you can't take them to a dry cleaner, your best option is to know how to wash different types of fabrics and learning how to hand wash.

You should also practice general care tips such as knowing how to properly store your garments. And if you have to use a washing machine, make sure you don't damage your dry-clean-only clothes by using too much detergent or getting the settings wrong.

For stains, you should try to blot them off as best as you can. And use the right kind of stain remover. Of course, you should bring your stained clothes to a dry cleaner as soon as you can.

Looking for Expert Dry Cleaners?

You've come to the right place. We've been in business since 1938, taking care of people's clothes from the finest designer and couture garments to professional and casual pieces.

We also do wedding gown preservation, cleaning, pressing, and restoration. If you're looking for Detroit's best dry cleaner, look no further than Janet Davis Cleaners.

Questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call at 248-543-0340.

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A Guide to Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

Such an important item deserves just an important treatment. Follow this guide to choosing a wedding dress cleaning service and preserving your dress.

A recent study shows that people with big, beautiful weddings are happier and have marriages that last longer. And an essential element to the happiest day of your life is your dress. The dress is the centerpiece of a wedding.

The most important gown of your life (unless you plan on winning an Oscar) is your wedding gown. You'll never be photographed or remembered as much in any other dress you wear in your lifetime.

The chances are also high that your wedding dress did cost a fortune. Considering all of these things, why wouldn't you want to preserve and treasure this gown for as long as you both shall live?

With great preservation and fantastic wedding dress cleaning, you can keep your gown in pristine shape forever. Perhaps you'll want to pass it down to a daughter or beloved family member.

The possibilities are endless once the dress is preserved and packaged well. Never fear dry cleaning is here. We've created the ultimate guide to wedding dress cleaning and preservation for you:

Why Wedding Dress Preservation

1. Sentimental Value and Great Options

As mentioned, a wedding dress can hold a day of dreams in its threads. The sentimental value of this dress carries some weight. You married the love of your life in this gown and you'll (ideally) be together forever.

Perhaps you are of the tidy mindset and don't like to have excess items in your home, even if it's your wedding dress. If you are on the fence about the dress, know that you can have it packaged and cleaned and make the decision at a later point.

What's more? Let's say the sentimental value of the dress changes. Perhaps a split does come in your marriage. Having your dress well-preserved with wedding dress cleaning will make for a quick and imminent sale.

Having your expensive dress properly cared for will leave you with options about what to do with your gown.

2. Your Daughter May Want It

You might be surprised how many girls want to use their mother's wedding dresses for their own special day. Being able to connect with the woman who bore her as she moves on into the married chapter of her life may mean a lot to her.

What's important is giving her the option to wear your dress. Keep your dress so she can make the decision if she wants to wear your dress for her wedding day. This woman, for example, did an incredible photo shoot in the gowns that preceded her wedding.

She would have never had the opportunity to have these incredible photos taken if her great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother hadn't preserved their dresses.

3. Resale with Wedding Dress Cleaning

Based on the first part of this article and the sentimental heirloom talk, you probably didn't think resale would be a topic here. But resale is a fantastic option for your wedding dress.

You wore the dress for one night and the chances are good that the dress is still in perfect condition. You might have gotten the train dirty from dancing at your reception (if you even wore it) or spilled something on it.

Wine stain? No problem. Leave it to the pros to get rid of anything your dress may have encountered on your big day.

If you don't mind letting go of the sentimental value of this dress, then make like Elsa and "Let it go, Let it go!" However, the only way to sell this dress is by having wedding dress cleaning professionally performed on the dress.

If a new bride has a budget or simply just loves your custom tailored dress and wants it, then she will be happy to pay top dollar for the used dress as long as it looks like new.

4. The Material

Some women keep their dresses not necessarily so their kin can wear it, but so they can use the material to make a new dress. This is a way for your daughter to use the material from your dress and have it made into a new, modern gown or into a new christening gown (that still holds sentimental value).

Transforming a wedding dress can be a costly option, but one that will create an extremely special gown.

The Cleaning Process

Wedding dress cleaning may take some time. Good cleaners need up to twelve weeks. While cleaning prices can vary, find an expert in wedding dress cleaning and your money will be well spent.

From the time you take the gown off on your wedding night, try to store it in a cool dark, dry place. If you want to leave it out for a few days to show it off, handle it with cotton gloves to keep oils from your skin off it, and hang it on a non-padded hanger. Remember that direct sunlight over time will age garments more quickly

Once it's at the cleaner of your choice, here's what will happen:

Inspect and Test

Your professional cleaner will inspect your entire wedding dress and look for any stains or damage to the gown. Wedding dress cleaning pros are very thorough. They will also look for any tailoring or lace that has come undone.

Wedding dress cleaning usually entails tests on the areas that need special cleaning to figure out exactly how to clean the stain. Stains are not created equal and will be treated differently.

Stain Treatment and Cleaning

The professional will then spot clean any stains on the gown. They can remove most anything from wine to dirt around the hem. They will use a wet cleaning machine or a dry cleaning machine depending on the material. Once the dress is clean it's ready for packaging.

Wrap It Up

Once the dress is in mint condition they will wrap the dress in acid-free tissue paper and package it in a sealed, yet breathable box for optimal preservation. Vacuum wrapping isn't recommended as it can trap moisture inside.

Your Day, Your Dress

Deciding on whether you should preserve and have wedding dress cleaning done on your gown doesn't have to be a hard decision. Just do it. You'll be glad you did and you can make any serious decisions on the gown later.

When you are ready for the ultimate wedding dress preservation for a fantastic price contact us today!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Secret to Finding the Best Dry Cleaners

Finding the best dry cleaners is vital to maintaining the quality of a wardrobe. Here's how you know a dry cleaner cares about your clothes as much as you do.

Do you want your clothes to last as long as possible?

Of course, you do! Quality clothes are expensive. But, many people don't realize that buying quality clothing is an investment. 

Just like you spend time maintaining your car or maintaining your furniture, so too should you spend time maintaining clothes. 

And the best way to maintain quality clothes is to take them to the dry cleaner. 

But, not all dry cleaners are created equal. So how do you find the best ones?

Keep reading to learn the secret to finding the best dry cleaner (Hint: There's more than one!)

Consider Your Wants and Needs 

Before you begin your search for the best dry cleaners, you first need to think about your own wants and needs. 

Make a list of requirements that you can't do without. You can create this list by asking yourself some questions:

  • Do I need the dry cleaners to be within walking distance?
  • Does the cleaner need to be eco-conscious?
  • What's my budget?
  • Do I need pickup and delivery service?

Budget and time play a huge role in picking the best dry cleaners. Make sure to consider these factors before narrowing down your options.

Find Out Where the Actual Cleaning is Done 

Dry cleaning stores fall into two categories: ones that do the cleaning in their own facility and ones that ship the dry cleaning to a 3rd party company

A dry cleaning company that has one central plant along with several satellite stores, also known as drop or dry stores, can more closely monitor quality, ensuring you look your best.

The stores that do cleaning on site are known as package stores. These stores own their own equipment as well. With an operation that has several package stores, there is less oversight ensuring that quality standards are consistently met.

The other type of dry cleaners don't have their own facility and send all of your items to a third party for processing. With this arrangement, the person you interact with has no say over the outcome of the final product.

Ask About Solvents 

In order to select the best dry cleaners, it's also very important to ask about solvents.

Some solvents are more environmentally-friendly than others. There is also the consideration of the cleaning power of the various solvents. The best cleaners utilize multiple cleaning solvents, and will do so responsibly.

Also, some dry cleaners use their cleaning fluids more than once. This means that dirt from previous loads could get deposited into your load. This is true for many discount cleaners. It's too expensive for them to run the distillation machine on all of the solvent after each load. They will instead send a fraction to be distilled (separated from the impurities) and the rest (including all of the dirt) will go back to the tank to be used on the next load.

You should only work with dry cleaners who use freshly distilled or freshly purified loads for every wash cycle.

Ask About Equipment 

Pressing is what gives clothes that professional, crisp look.

But, there are two ways to press clothing. And one way produces significantly better results than the other.

Clothing can either be pressed by hand or by a machine. Machine pressing involves blowing hot steam through a garment to smooth out wrinkles. Hand pressing takes a long time and can be very expensive.

It's best to choose a dry cleaner who pre-treats your clothing with machine presses, then finishes by hand. This hybid model gives the best overall final quality.

Damage Compensation 

Even the best dry cleaners make mistakes. 

It's rare, but clothing can get damaged during the dry cleaning process. However, most dry cleaners only offer you a mulitple of the cleaning price paid.

If  the cleaning charge is $2, you may only be offered $20 for a damaged item. Full service establishments will offer you full price for newer items and a bit less for older or more worn items.

Pro Tip: Make sure to clean out the pockets before dropping off items. Most cleaners won't be held liable for damaged goods that are left inside pockets.

Flexible Business Hours 

Most of us work 9-5 jobs. Unfortunately, so do many dry cleaners.

If your boss is going to throw a fit about you leaving during the day to pick up your dry cleaning, make sure you pick a store that's open on weekends or late nights.

Alternativley, look for a dry cleaners that will pickup and deliver your cleaning for free while you are at work.

Word of Mouth 

News travels fast, both good and bad.

Make sure to ask your friends and your colleagues for recommendations.

They have nothing to gain or lose by offering you advice, so often times their input is the most valuable. Or, if you know someone in your neighborhood or friend circle who's always sharply-dressed, ask them as well.

You should also check online reviews on both the company's site and on review sites like The Knot.

Certificates and Affiliations

Likely, the counter attendant doesn't have any special certification. But, you can ask them if anyone in the store does.

There are all kinds of affiliations dry cleaners can hold: Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, or affiliations with the International Fabricare

Institute or the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute.

Observe the Counter Clerk 

Of course, the counter clerk shouldn't be overlooked.

Although they're likely not the ones doing the cleaning, they still should be professional. A quality counter clerk will inspect your garments carefully and ask about any stains that need special attention.

If the counter clerk shows indifference when you walk in, it could be a bad sign for the rest of what's to come.

Extra Perks 

When searching for the best dry cleaners, don't forget to ask about extra perks as well.

Dry cleaners that offer tailoring or alterations can be a huge bonus!

Put Their Skills to the Test 

Once you've found a dry cleaner who meets your needs, it's time to put their skills to the test.

But, don't bring in your whole work wardrobe all at once or a specialty item like a wedding dress. 

Instead, bring in one item that you don't really care about as a trial run. It's a good idea to pick one that has a stain or that could use some extra love.

If they do a good job with this item, then you can start bringing in your regular wardrobe.

Finding the Best Dry Cleaners: Wrap Up 

We hope this guide helps you select the best dry cleaners in your area.

Please let us know how your search turns out. If you have any questions about treating specific clothing items, please drop a comment below.

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